De leeuw van Juda. Boek 3

Stephen Desberg (author of screenplay), Hugues Labiano (illustrator)
Terwijl de oorsprong van Naïsha's mysterieuze band met
Wallace wordt onthuld, ontdekt Wallace de tombe van de apostel Matthias in het
Rift-gebied. In het nauw gedreven door zowel de regering als Naïsha, en nog
steeds op zoek naar de schat waarop hij had gehoopt, krijgt Wallace toch de
ring van de Leeuw van Juda in handen, een artefact met onvermoede krachten...
Extra subject
De leeuw van Juda. Boek 3
Author of screenplay
Stephen Desberg
Hugues Labiano
Original language
Original title
Le lion de Judah 3
Brussel: Dargaud Benelux, 2022
60 p. : ill.
9789085586395 (paperback)

About Stephen Desberg

Stephen Desberg (born 10 September 1954 in Brussels) is a Belgian writer of comics. In 2010, he was the 10th bestselling author of comics in France, with 412,000 copies of all his comics together sold that year.


Stephen Desberg was born in Brussels in 1954 as the third child of an American lawyer from Cleveland and a French mother who taught him French at the Sorbonne after the Liberation of Paris. They settled in Brussels when Stephen's father became responsible for the distribution of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer films in Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands. After finishing college two years late, he studied law at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, but didn't finish his studies.

His youth was mainly dominated by American movies, but he also enjoyed the weekly Spirou magazine with series like Buck Danny or the works of Raymond Macherot. He only discovered the authors who pub…Read more on Wikipedia